Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Attention in the concourse

So Emily and I are sitting in the airport now waiting for our flight
to take off at 755. We arrived with plenty of time and getting through
security was a breeze. We are still not quite sure where we will be
staying tonight as there is a hung soccer festival/championship gioing
on in Madrid now and it's impossible to find a couch... On top of that
all the hostles are supposedly either full-up or priced to the max. Oh
well, that's all part of the adventure and we'll figure somehing
out... There's always park benches! The good news is that I have
secured couches in two tiny towns in extremado and they look awesome.
One is a roman town outside of Merida that is supposedly the
internationL city of wine and the other is a family sausage farm on
the portugese border! This is looking to be a fun trip.

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