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It's been a while since my last post...or at least it feels like a long time. We are filling each day packed so full it seems at if each day is the length or consistancy of two. They wake up here early, then power through to 2-3:00 when they gorge on a 3 hour long meal, then siesta, then go back to work, they don't begin diner until 9 or 10:00 and only around midnigt do they go out for evening entertainments... No wonder they need their siesta!

We are in Portugal now, in Lisbon, we decided to forgoe morocco for the sake of time ( if we went it would have meant shaving too much time off of the rest of the trip and essentially killing the time we have set aside for Barcelona ( which everyone says would be horrible because Barcelona is an amazing magical land of awesomeness) . Se we are in Lisbon now ( I never thought I'd be in Portugal-- I don't know why, I just never saw myself coming here) but it is amazing ( grandma was right). We are staying in a nice and clean little hostly in barrio Alta ( the neighborhood of heigest elevation). It is a beautiful city- really big-- filled with winding cobblestone streets.

Portugese throws me off so much-- I realized today that it has been a long time since I traveled in a country in which I have little to know understanding or capBility in the language-- I feel like such a tourist speaking English and groping through the streets guessing at street names. It adds another level of adventure to the trip and I am enjoying my time here.
Last night we surfed with an owner of a pig factory. He was interesting. He was a really nice guy with good intentions and really really eager to please...I think I ate more that night than during the entire rest of he trip combined. The town was tiny And barely even shows up on the most detailed map (almendral) we never would have gone there were it not for couchsurfing. The same goes for the town we stayed in the night before (2 nights, actually). Another town by the confusingly similar name of Almendralejo-- this town was really close to the roman city of Merida which was the capitol of this province of the roman empire... It was really awesome and had some excelent ruins and great structures, including the longest roman bridge in europe ( the world?), An ampitheatre ( like the colleseum ?sp), a fantastic theatre with classical figures along the wings still intact, a circus (for chariot races-- like a running track), and a Cazba from the moorish rule. It was an awesome place.

We spent a bit more than we would have liked on dinner tonight (sneaky portugese and their hidden cover charges ;) so we will definitely be surfing tomorrow and probably the next night as well ( in lisbsoa)...then it's off to Seville where we are hoping to see a bullfight-- hopefully we'll find a couch (it's been more tricky finding hosts then I would have liked but our hosts have been great so far, so maybe the good ones are finding us)...

Till next time, cheers!

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