Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We woke up on Tuesday early so that we could squeeze sla lot into the
day only to find that it was raining and our plans for wandering the
streets of Lisbon would not work out. Instead, we decided to head on
out to the Belem neighborhood of the city... It is a long walk but
only a 20min tram ride accross the city so we hopped onto the number
15 tram.

We had met some kids in our hostle the night before who were kind
enough to give us their metro passes(24 hour passes that they said
were good until mid- afternoon. Unfortunately they were wrong somehow
and they didn't work... Soooo, we just faked swiping the cards in the
readers and rode the trams and hisses for free all day anyway. The
subway and trains are different though and we had to buy passes to get
through the gates tk go to our hosts house in the burbs.

Oh, about our couch-- the guy who had said would host is in downtown
backed out at the last minute (which happens -nbd) but luckily another
guy had responded as well and though he lives 20 minutes by train from
downtown, he seemed cool. But I'm getting way ahead of myself, I'll
get back to our couch later...

We spend the day hopping between museums--we went to the national
coach museum (yes, it's a museum filled with the royal
stagecoaches...language barrier!), the museum of archeology, a
gigantic monostary, the museum of modern art(which had a nifty film as
portraits exhibit in which they showed looping videos which were
discriptive of a person or thing or emotion... I thought it was really
neat). We also talked along the river to a fort at the mouth of Lisbon
which we climbed and explored. It was pretty big and really interesting.

After that we made our way back to the hostle and grabbed our bags...
I cheched couch surfing and varified our host and we hopped onto a
train to the extremities of the city. We arrived at Nuno's house
around 7 and chilled out for a bit... Conversation eventually turned
to Lost as it inevitably does, and because we hadn't seen the finale
yet, Nuno downloaded toe episode and played it for us while he went
shopping for dinner. When he came back he made dimmer for us, broiled
salmon with almonds, onions and leaks, asparagus, and rice with
rasins. He also brought back a few nice bottles of wine with the ten
euros I gave him for that purpose (wine is crazy cheap here- you can
get a fantastic bottle for just a few bucks). A few of his friends
came over to eat with us, and when we finished the three hour long
meal (which began at 10), we all hopped back on the train to center
city and went out to a blues bar followed by a reggae club. We didn't
make it back to his place until around 630!

Needless to say, we slept I. This morning and only left the house
around 3 ( which still gave us a long day to explore the city because
the sun doesn't set until arount 10:00 and all the meals are really
late--people were still enjoying lunch when we got to center city.

Today we explored the Castille do sao Jorge which was the royal castle
and fortress for a large portion of portugals history. We then
strolled around the center city area (a place we really had only as of
yet seen in passing) and hopped on an 830 train back to Nuno's place.
We are on the train now ( I'll send this post off to blogspot when we
arrive. Nuno is at class until 10 so we will use the hour to search
for couches for Seville and Cadiz. And to do a little bit of planning
for the rest of the trip-- and hopefully nap for a bit in case we go
out tonight-- there is no way I'm stayig out till sunrise again
tonight though... I was just too dead today.

Ok the train is stopping so that's it for now. Tomorrow we head to

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