Wednesday, June 9, 2010

City Camp Noceto

Ok, so heres the news from Noceto, Italy.

I am stationed in this tiny town outside of Parma which is a small\midsize city in the center of the country about an hour from Bologne. This is where Parmasean Cheese comes from. And yes, i am sick of parmasean cheese already.

My camp it a tiny one; there are only three tutors, and 33 students (i have 12)--yet there are two camp directors, both of which are as well meaning and schnery as any camp director i have had, to the point of mild irritation. "What do you need, how can i help, you are amazing..."...its very nice, but let me work! I was gretted at the trainstation by one of the directors and her family (her son is in my class) and they took me for a drive around the town, and then to one of the other host families to meet one of the tutors, because we were early to meet my host family. They fed me some delicious cherries and i chatted with the other tutor for a while. This is her first camp so she had lots of concerns and ideas to run by me. We had a rather productive talk.

After that, we met my host family, and they took me home. They have a beautiful little house (rather new in construction) with a pool and two dogs. One is a French shepherd with fancs as long as my fingers and could swallow me whole. It is a good thing that they placed me with this family, because i think that the other tutors would have shat themselves. The other dog might as well be my dog Sophie's sister. she looks so somilar it is uncanny. She is only a year old and is about 40\50 lbs. Not like Meuler (the big one) who is an east 250 lbs.

My room is private, the bed is a fold out, but it is fine, and i essentially have my own full bath. It is nery nice. You already know my wifi story, so ill leave that at that.

The first ngiht i stayed with them, the parents had to go to work (they own and operate a pizzaria 15 mins away) and the babysutter came over (with her boyfriend) to make dinner and watch the kids. They are about my age (20 & 21) so we had a nice time talking (navigating between out shared languages: Italian, Spanish, and French). Then the kids convinced us to go in the pool, at 930pm...

Monday, after school, the other tutors and I went for a drink in town and deconmpressed after work. This was great for me, because im a talker, but the others were just too tired, and i dont think that we'll be continuing this...we didnt go yesterday anyway. That night, the host mom took the kids and I (host dad was at work on the town council) to a little trattoria in the moutains with some family friends where they fed me a delicious 3 course meal. Pumpkin Tortelli, Lamb, Terrimasu, Lemonchini, and wines throughout. I love Italy.

Yesterday went well also, we began mini-olympics (like color wars) and my team swept...woot! Last night, my Host mom bought me a sim card for my phone, but when we tried to activate it , it wouldnt work. we called the help line and they said that sometimes it takes a day or two to activete...annoying! But thats how it is, so ill try it again today...sorry ma! Last night, we went to the family pizzaria for pizza and it was great, I wish my parents owned a pizzaria, Marko is so lucky. After dinner we took a drive through Parma, which looks to be a beautiful little city, i wish that i had the time to give it a walk through. I really dont get that mych time for tourist while i am working though, just weekends and thats not enough when working week long camps because we need weekends for travel. Thats ok, im still having a great time.

Today has been fine, I am currently observing computer time (during siesta after lunch). We are done in a minute, and then we woll start the days mini-olympics. today is water relay day--my feet are soaking from filling (and mostly dropping) water balloons. Wish me luck, the winners get medals and I want one!


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  1. awww it sounds like you are having so much fun! im going backwards in order of reading these so expect more comments.