Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life in the Land of the Lefties

Thsi post will be written primarily with one hand, my left hand...expect many many typos....

its been a long while since i have not sure where to begin...i guess that I'll justskip last week and youle have to talk it out of me on skype...hint hint...go online

lts just focus on the main drama of the week... i broke my arm!

well kinda...sorta...not really...but its in a cast so i can lie if i want...i was riding my bike to work, and like always when i ride my bike to work in Italy, i had some kind of accident and flew off the thing headfirst. This happend far too frequently to be accidental. I am convinced that either the Italian bike maker Bianchi, or the Italian pothole-fixy-authorithy, or all lisenced Italian drivers, or all of the above are involved in some massive conspiracy out to give me a concussion...luckily for me, i am a master at falling and each time i manage to roll onto my shoulder, protecting my scull and the massive intelligence laying dormant within. This time, i ended up with a badly bruised elbow bone (is there such thing as an elbow bone?). The Italian Doctor called it a microfractura, but i saw the X-rays and it doesnt look like there is a fracture to"bo".

Anyway, as always, I just picked myself up, assessed my skull and rode to work. After two days of worsening pain i finally gave in and went to the hospital where they fixed me up for free! gotta love socialized health care...hey!, in this scenario i was the non-tax paying foreigner who was mooching off the hard earned money of the taxed citizenry! fun!

So thats that...i finished up the last week at camp Arese and this weekend i will be transfering to a city camp in the middle of Milan...i wanted to go south but cest la vie, im still in Milan. At least it will be nice to live in the city for once, instead of living 30 mins outside and having to commute if i wanna tour of go out...thattl be cool.

ok, ima go finish packing....

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  1. Thank you for pointing out the success of socialism. Re-education camps for everyone!

    Hope you heal up soon.