Monday, June 14, 2010

News from Arese

Ok folks, so now I'm stationed here in a small suburb oustide of Milan. Arese is where Alpha Romeos were first built, but in recent years the factories have been shut down (ala Kodak). My first day at this new camp was not so hot. The director is virtually non-present, and she left after lunch. Then after a day of horrible confusion because she gave us different schedules than she gave the school, which was different from the one she gave the lunch ladies, the school administrators came around and kicked us out of our classrooms in the middle of the lesson because they needed them for meetings (as if they couldnt use other classrooms). Then, while we were trying to negotiate with the administrators, who didnt speak any english) the kids all decided to leave and had their parents come pick them up. Today was not such a good day. I have got to go, but i will update more later...I need to write a bit about my host family...later, they need the comp.

Tomorrow will be better...jake

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  1. son/daughter/child of the corn....i actually had things to say/ask...meh ill write you an email...maybe youll write back???????????

    also child...your 10 30 is my i aint going to bed when you are...and thats all i wanted to say abt that....omg which reminds me i met the cutest little girl from alabama on the train yesterday who told me in her little accent that shes hopes we meet again someday (i couldnt help but smile and laugh)