Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overnight train...

Uuuch... My god. Some people can be so inconsiderate. Emily and I are
on an overnight train to Barcelona from grenada and we had moved up a
few rows from our seats to the facing seats in the front of the car so
that we could stretch out and get some sleep (the car is near empty
but for us and some Italian girls)-- when all of a sudden in-comes
what seems like a village of the loudest people on earth... And of
course we are on their seats. Of course they are all in the same
family so they are all fighting about whatever so before we can be
asked, Emily and I quit pretending to be sleeping (awoken from real
sleep by their unending loudness) and move back to our seats. There
our sleep was further interrupted by this choir of steotypes. And it's
not just us that they are disturbing-- the italian girls had all been
woken up by this as well. Finally after many disgruntled looks
exchanged by us all (the sane bunch) one if the Italians got up and
yelled at them to quite down... Woo hoo small histories! Viva itaiia!
We'd better crush them in the world cup (we=Italy, them=Spain).

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  1. I love it in Seinfeld where Jerry talks about turning around in the movie theater and giving people the look so that they would quiet down. I find that the look never works and that yelling at people is the only way to jar them out of their rudeness. P.S. How is the general excitement about the world cup? Probably a thousand times more than the sports fans over here.