Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today WAS better

Today was better, after meeting up with the other three teachers and venting out all out frustrations and concerns, we arrived at the school with a recalibration of our expectations. With this state of mind, we were all better prepared to deal with the slings and arrows that this camp threw at us. Actually, it was quite a good day. I combined classes with the other group at my groups' level and we had a big group activity to teach present continuous (progressive). is worked well and fun was had on all parts. We also began mini-olympics today, and though my team isnt the clear winner this week, all the kids were having fun and that really all that matters (corny).

Oh, Ps, last week ended well, the directors had some gold, silver, and bronze medals made up for the kids for first second and third place which were really nice. They had the camp location and place engraved on the metal and they had the english flag on them. Rewally nice...those directors were great. the week ended on a high note and all three of us left together to work at the same camp in Arese for this week and next week. We met the fourst teacher on sunday, after meeting out host families on saturday (who apparently were told by our 'director' to expect us on sunday...so none of our families were ready thanks to her...). The foursh teacher is a nice guy from New Castle, England, and this is his 4th year teaching with ACLE so he's got lots of good ideas for teachiing and i am learning alot (slash, having my memory jogged a lot) from teaching with him.

Lets see, how about some more complaints about camp... well the food is aweful...i never thought i would say that about food in italy, but it really is. yesterday lunch was pasta that tasted like a poor man's spagetti-o's with rotty salad with hard bread and raw tuna globbed on the side. Today we had risotto that tasted like undercooked rice in hot water, mystery meat patty (that i pray was poultry) and gloopy zucchini...at least the rolls were good today...i had several of those...

Good news about being in the north: i have arranged to meet up with the family that hosted me for a month last time i was teaching here...i really liked them and i'll be happy to see them again, even just for a day or something.

Anyway, thats enough venting for now, i have gotta send some emails...


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