Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today was nice

...and yesterday

So i met up with a host family that i stayed with when i was working for ACLE in 2008 yesterday, and i ended up staying the weekend with them. I had a really nice time. The weather was pretty crappy, so we were consigned to indoor activities for the most part--last night we got pizza and went to play pool (Silvio and i cleaned house), and today we went to the Milan Museum of Technology and say a whole bunch of awesome sea and air vessels, as well as a lot of replicas of devices that devinci designed. after that we welt to the piazza del duomo and watched the Italy-NZ football game which ended in a dissapointing 1-1 leving italy with a difficult chance of qualifying for the next round. We then went to go get panzeritti, but the classic place was closed so we grabbed some fast food and checked out the galleria. After that we had a teary goodbye and i came back to Arese. A short reunion, but sweet none-the-less. You can see a photo of the kids playing a painfull italian version of rock-paper-sissors while waiting for the subway, and a rather funny photo (i think) of the masses standing outside in the rain to watch the football match...and completely ignoring the half-a-dosen world heritige sites that flank all sides of the piazza.

the italian rock-paper-sissors is playes with physical penalties for loosing. Sissors gets you smacks on the forearm, paper gets you smacks on the back of your hands, and rock gets you a dead arm...its hella-fun...

blaaa, idk if the photos are going to go through...i may need to put then in a diff post

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