Wednesday, July 14, 2010

News from Pieve di Cento

Pieve di Cento is a small town just outside of bologna thich is actually pretty cool. Aparently the whole area used to be swamplands, but when napoleon ruled the area, he had hundreds of canals dug out to drain the ares for farming. The town that i am currently living in is as old as the renaissance, so some of the buildings that once acted as waterports are still standing. There is this one building that stands on stilts in the center of town which was a dock hundreds of years ago, but now streets run by it. Its hard to imagine, becuase with the exception of the canals outside of town, the entire area is water free and oppressibely hot. The town also has tons of beautiful historic porticoes, fortifications, and towers. It is interesting to thinkn of just how old this town (and Italy) is. Western civilization has lived here for literally thousands of years. hmmmmm...

Anyway, the week is coming to a close, tomorrow's thursday and friday is always a wash, what with show practice and show this week is going to be robin hood. Its pretty kick ass, a modern-13-year-old's-re-interpretation of the classic tale. Oh, and we have more girls than guys, so all the genders of the characters are swapped...and there is a giant chicken-person--its going to be fun.

Last night, i went with one of the other host families to Ferrara for an evening stroll and pizza, it was nice. There was a large castello with a water moat that was filled with some kind of milennea old green sludge. It was mega gross. I wanted to throw the family's little boy into it to see what would looked corrosive. But I didnt (dont worry Em).I bet that there were monsters living in there.

Thats all there is to say about pieve di cento

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gone from Pescasseroli and back up north (Bologna)

So i dont really have time to write a full post right now but i juat wanted to send a quick update letting everybody know that i am alive and well. I had an awesome week in Pescasseroli and have now just moved into my new host family in Piave de Cento just outside of Bologna in Bologna provence. Clearly i have internet here but i dont have the time just now to go about summarizing nmy enire week becuase we are coing to the pool. Im kind of jealous because the other tutors got brought to the Adriatic sea for the day but i got in to town too late for that...anyway, i am looking forward to a little nap in the sun. the new camp begins tomorrow after a glorious zero days of rest after an intense week of sleep away english camp. we meet at nine o'clock tonight to discuss the logistics.

To all those out there who want to skype me, this week is th week, it looks as if im gonna have decent inet access so call me and we can chat it up. woot!

kk thats it for now.

ps. my arm is fine again, i took the cast off last sunday and let it heal on its own over the course of the week, its still a bit sore if i over extend or compress it, but otherwise i have full range of motion again...i did laps int he pool all week and i think that helped...hugely noicable difference in my capability on froday as compered to monday...hoo haa...

its a good thing too, becuase it looks as if ill be riding a bick to work every morning again this week... dont worry ma, ill ask for a helmet!

Friday, July 2, 2010

News from Milan and onward

So yea, i have been im Milan all this past week, but now i am leaving and heading south near about an hour.

The week was good...especially when compared to last week. The camp was located in a public school in the middle of the city, close to Parc Sempoinne, a huge centrally located park. My host family lived a bit far from the school, a 20 min walk to the outskirts of the city, while the rest of the tutors all live within one blocks walking distance of the school...Alex lives accross the street. But they gave me a bike to use to get into town, and it was nice because their place was is big and (most importantly) has AC. This had been one of the hottest weeks of the summer, I mean really hot--and when you are chasing kids around all day you feel it.

My arm is healing nicely, if not slowly, I got bored and took off the cast yesterday and it feels OK, i still cant extend it fully, but i just couldnt stand the heat of it anymore. Beter that i have a sore elbow than I broil my arm in plaster...seriously, i may as well have sprinkeled some garlic and cayanne pepper on it because it was getting well done. I just have it in a compression wrap now

Good news! I am finally heading south. After pestering them for a month, and having the director at a camp outside of Rome (one i worked with in 2008) pester them for three weeks, ACLE has finally transfered me out of Milan (Hallejulah!). God i was getting tired of this city. I mean, it was nice to spend some time downtown (usually i am in the burbs), but still, i need a change...bad.

So thats good. I taught at this camp in 2008. It is a sleep-away camp in the mountains located in a three star hotel with a pool, mtn biking, and horseback riding (dont worry ma, i wont do the mountain least not until the end of the week...) and breathtaking mountain scenery. Theres also a nice little town center where we can go when we are off duty...ill update more about pescasseroli when we arrive (hopefully they will have wifi, keep your fingers crossed).

Lets see, what alse did i do this week.....oh, my final show yesterday was great (even if the execution wasnt that awesome. The kids couldnt agree on one thing, so i wrote a play that combined the works of Bram Stoker, Joss Wheaton, Stephanie Meyers, Michael Jackson, and Sir Aurthor Conan Doyle. It was great, but i had no access to a computer or photo copier, so i have no script to take with me...sad this play will be lost...just like my "Simpsons trapped in the matrix" script from two years ago...another gem lost to time...

Anyway, that all i have to say for now...ive got a lot of travel today... two metros, a 4 hour train, another train, and two 2 hour busses...then a car ride...i better get packed...

ci vediamo!

Thursday, July 1, 2010