Wednesday, July 14, 2010

News from Pieve di Cento

Pieve di Cento is a small town just outside of bologna thich is actually pretty cool. Aparently the whole area used to be swamplands, but when napoleon ruled the area, he had hundreds of canals dug out to drain the ares for farming. The town that i am currently living in is as old as the renaissance, so some of the buildings that once acted as waterports are still standing. There is this one building that stands on stilts in the center of town which was a dock hundreds of years ago, but now streets run by it. Its hard to imagine, becuase with the exception of the canals outside of town, the entire area is water free and oppressibely hot. The town also has tons of beautiful historic porticoes, fortifications, and towers. It is interesting to thinkn of just how old this town (and Italy) is. Western civilization has lived here for literally thousands of years. hmmmmm...

Anyway, the week is coming to a close, tomorrow's thursday and friday is always a wash, what with show practice and show this week is going to be robin hood. Its pretty kick ass, a modern-13-year-old's-re-interpretation of the classic tale. Oh, and we have more girls than guys, so all the genders of the characters are swapped...and there is a giant chicken-person--its going to be fun.

Last night, i went with one of the other host families to Ferrara for an evening stroll and pizza, it was nice. There was a large castello with a water moat that was filled with some kind of milennea old green sludge. It was mega gross. I wanted to throw the family's little boy into it to see what would looked corrosive. But I didnt (dont worry Em).I bet that there were monsters living in there.

Thats all there is to say about pieve di cento

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