Saturday, August 21, 2010

Arrived in Antigua, Guatemala

Hey Folks,
So I have arrived in Antigua, Guatemala, where I plan to be teaching for the foreseeable future. I got into Guatamalacity on Thursday night with no hassle and was greeted by my CS host at the exit. She was also hosting another surfer the same night (she responded to my SOS request at the last minute) and her friend wsa hosting a surfer too. So we all crammed into their kia and rode straight to a bar in Zone 1, I would have preferred to at least taken a bit of a rest first, but they were excited to hang out (as hosts usually are), and so I went along...although I did end up falling asleep at the bar! We had a nice night and woke up early the next morning to go cell phone shopping (so i now have a Guatemalan number!) I got a phone, Sim card and a bunch of minutes for the equivalent of about 20 US$, I love this place! We then spent the day wandering around Guatemala City...I had planned on takinga bus into Antigua yesterday afternoon, but it turns out that they were all driving to Antigua that night for a CS event--so I figured that i might as well get a free ride and hope that there would be a host with a free couch who was attending the event.
Long story short, only a few people besides us showed up for the event, and I went back to Guate with my hosts from Thursday night. After an early breakfast this morning, i hopped on a chicken bus and made my way over to Antigua. After a while wandering the town looking for a hostel had stayed in before, I found it and reserved a bed (check-in is in a hour). I also spoke to the girl about working for the hostel..its possible, but I need to talk to the big boss later (I wonder if the require Spanish fluency...). anyway, I have to go, because I'm meeting a guy to look at an apartment he is subletting in 10 mins.
cheers, Jake