Friday, March 4, 2011

Guate again

Ok folks, just a super quick post to let you know what is up.
After a fantastic weekend at home (Broadway, Hackensack, New Ro, NYC, Montauk) i flew back down to Guatemala so that i can take a few weeks of spanish lessons in the immersion environment. I got to guatemala city and went straight to my friends house in zona 14, where i stayed two nights enjoying delicious food and great company. This morning i took off for Quetzaltenango (commonly referred to as Xela...pronounced ¨Shaylah¨) and when i got here i signed up for an overnight trek to the highest volcano peak in central america (i cant remember or pronounce the name). We leave tomorrow morning at 445am so i got a dorm bed at the hostle next door and will be leaving first thing in the morning. There will be an 8 hour trek up the mountain tomorrow, followed by dinner and camping at base camp and a sunset hike to the peak, then another hike to the peak for sunrise. we should get back to xela by late afternoon on sunday. ill check my email then, or monday.
I start spanish school on monday.
Sorry for the berevity and the typos, this keyboard stinks.
keep in touch and please comment or email,

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  1. oooo i wouldnt have guessed that pronounciation...thank you...when we go visit guatemala (yes youre going back with me) i want to do this overnight volcano trek too