Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center

That last post updated a few days late...

So we have been aboard for 2 days and its pretty fun so far, barring some (expected?) family drama. Plenty of food, and enough pools though it has been a bit cold so far. The people aboard are a bit depressing however. Old, fat, full, and annoying! And the staff has a bit of attitude (Royal Caribbean).

Today we had a shore excursion to the Kennedy Space Center. We made port around 1pm and got the the KSC around 230. The driver took us on a bus tour of the facilities and we saw the launch pads, rocket construction facility, and a 'rocket garden' which was reminiscent of the rocket graveyard in Huntsville, Alabama. It was all pretty cool, but very rushed, as we had to be back at the bus by 6pm.  We saw an IMAX 3D presentation of hubble images which was awesome (narrated by Leo DiCaprio-coincidence?). There was also a launch simulator, but that was a bit of a fantastical family ride, and not an authentic experience as I had hoped.

Tomorrow we make port in Nassau, Bahama, and I am looking forward to cloudless sun, fine sand, and azul water.

Sorry for the rushed post...again!

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