Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Waiting to Disembark in Beyonne, NJ

So today is the day I begin my pre-journey. Yes, I will he heading down to Central America in just a few short weeks, but today I begin the family holiday adventure of a lifetime. A 7 day cruise from Jersey to Florida (and the Bahamas?) on The Explorer of the Seas, the first of the mega cruise ships holding about 5,000 passengers (I guess?) and 6,000 buffets (I hope!).

We are lovingly referring to it as "The Cruise of Doom!" This is largely because we are sailing from the deathtrap icy waters of the winter North Atlantic through Cape Hatteras and the Bermuda Triangle during the Mayan Apocalypse, with limited alcohol (and no opportunity for recreational drugs). And to top it all off this ship is classified "unsinkable"...I've heard that line before.

Best case scenario, this ship is actually some kind of secret arc for the preservation and procreation of mankind after the flood waters receed. Clearly, I just don't know because of the security clearance issues... However, looking around the waiting area in this converted hanger(?) I'm not sure that we're the best and brightest of mankind, or youngest...and certainly not the best looking:/ oh, if If Elijah Wood could see us now.

Ok, ready for fun and adventure on the high seas!

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