Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arrival in Liberia, Costa Rica

So today I arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica. Unfortunately, my travel buddy was unable to join me on the first leg of my trip as we had planned, due to a sudden bout of illness (no hard feelings!) so I'm on my own! But that's ok, because I'm already making tons of friends. I met Sandra from Stuttgart, Brechie from Germany somewhere, and a few nameless others on the plane and in the airport waiting for the bus.

Side note, they wanted to charge me 55$ for a taxi into town, but I walked to the corner and paid less than a dollar for the bus...take that bureau of tourism!

I followed Brechie to her hostel and didn't really like the feel of it, too quiet, so I walked across town to another place. I checked in and immediately met Ty from BC with whom I grabbed some lunch and a few cervesas. Walked around Liberia (nice small town with enough restaurants and cantinas) but it's mostly a transportation hub. I found a place to buy a SIM card for my phone and what should have been a quick purchase and installation turned out to be a two hour session of a half dozen tica chicks swarming around me, trying to upgrade my talk and text plan to a data plan for idea why. Meanwhile, my phone wasn't accepting the upgrade and in the end, I had to just call Tue company and do it myself. Good news is, I had a LOT of practice speaking Spanish. I also swung by an ATM to inaugurate my new Charles Schwab ATM card (free withdrawals worldwide, which is great, because I don't have to take out large sums of cash at one time to avoid fees).

Grabbed another beer with Ty and decided to join him on his early wake up tomorrow, and head to Monte Verde for the cloud forests, canopy tours, coffee, and whatever other fortunes come my way.

Till next time!

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  1. monte verde also has tons of rainbows!!! and unfortunately when i went it was freezing there :(....definitely do a coffee plantation tour it's cool/interesting and theyll let you pick the beans!