Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So here's a list of the stuff that I packed:

Osprey Talon 44 Hiking pack
EMS Velocity Ultra-Compactable sleeping bag
EMS Rain Coat/shell with hood
Columbia Titanium OmniHeat Liner
11 T-Shirts
1 Pair Shorts
1 Pair Athletic Shorts (doubles as bathing suit)
2 Pairs Synthetic Pants (one has Zip-off Legs)
12 Pairs socks
12 Pairs Boxers
1 Pair Underarmor long socks
1 Pair Underarmor long underwear
2 Longsleeve Coolmax Rowing Shirts
3 Tanks
2 Button Down tops
1 Rain Cover for my pack
1 unlocked dual-sim Android Phone for which I'll buy sims when I arrive
1 mino solar charger and external batter pack
1 Fujifilm Waterproof/Shockproof camera
1 Pair teva sandals
1 Combination masterlock
1 Compression Sack
1 Cinch-bag
1 GPS Spot Device (check FB for GPS updates)
1 iPod nano
2 pairs earbuds
1 fiction book "Visions of Cody"
1 guide book "Lets Go! Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama"
1 set of schematics for DIY Solar Water Heater
1 notebook for Spanish lessons

I also have toilet necessities, a full med kit (a first for me!), bug spray, sunblock-stick, Dr. Brommers, a mini trimmer, and spare contact lenses.

This all weighs in at around 25lbs!


  1. while i really did enjoy the previous post, i think this could be one of your best ones---who doesn't love a good packing list?!?! (and even though you have already read this comment i want everyone to know that no, i am not being sarcastic)

    happy travels--take lots of pics!

  2. The whole ELEVEN t-shirts really bothers me because there are TWELVE of several other things.

    Can you please pack another t-shirt?

  3. I will be living vicariously through you Jake!