Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When life gives you a dilemma, make dilemmanade

So today I was offered a position as the manager of a very popular, very nice hostel in León, Nicaragua; a very cool, young, history rich town with plenty to do. It's basically a volunteer position, earning $200/month with room and partial board. I need to give a 1 year commitment and they need someone to start immediately.

The hostel is a non-profit, and fully funds the educational programs of Sonati, which provides free education to kids, teaching them about nature, sustainability, and environmental conservation (very needed down here).

I am fully convinced that this is one of the non-evil NGOs...the founder/owner/director only earns $300/month. I am totally down with the mission and the model of the organization (they don't depend on donations, because the hostel income funds the educational programs).

Taking this position would really really give me the chance to solidify my burgeoning Spanish skills, and to explore a dream I have of someday opening/owning my own backpacker's hostel.

Here's the dilemma: first of all I have a friend coming down to meet me in Costa Rica in March to travel, a promise I am looking forward to keeping. Second, I would really like to take my April flight back to NYC to see family and friends, and to celebrate with them some upcoming major life events going on through May. Plus its festie season. Third, I was hoping to travel in South America for a few months (or more) this summer. And finally, let's not even talk about how it means yet another year without higher-er education, gainful employment, or savings.

Got some thinking to do...

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